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25 October 2008 @ 09:05 pm
I have a Plan  
After discussion with doombuggie, I have decided to save up for an Acer Aspire One. Does anyone have any experience with it, or with similar netbooks? I'm open to suggestion about what type to get it if is cheaper or the same price but better. Also, I'm not necessarily getting it from Amazon, it just has a nice pretty pic and info on the stats. The important part is, an inexpensive system that can get me online and plays movies and music that is easily portable. That way, I can get out of the house and go places with free wifi, and netsurf and chat and stuff while still getting out of the house.

So, gonna skip getting the microdermal and/or tattoo I was considering in favor of saving my Chanukah gelt towards a netbook. Maybe I'll even sell off some BPAL. And I'll be looking up where in Austin has free wireless internet.
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Bluehobbitblue on October 26th, 2008 02:13 am (UTC)
No experience, but that's the one I've been drooling at - Forest fancies the wee Dells. I like the Eee but the screens on the earlier ones are terrible... These little netbooks seem such a great idea :)